Seven Effective Benefits of Dancing

February 4, 2020
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February 4, 2020 Natalia Mallory

One dance a day keeps the stress away!

Movement – so core to a human body, yet so complex to understand. 80% of the interactions between people are made non-verbally. Whether with looks, gestures or with a trained movement in dance classes, individuals can share so much without saying a word. Nations have cultivated dancing, an act of body movement that cannot be precisely explained but rather felt and admired. 

There is a strong correlation between the level of happiness and dancing. People who grow up dancing are happier, less stressed and smarter. It is greatly advised to give our children the chance of experiencing life through dancing. Dancing can be a great aerobic exercise, helping them to develop healthier body’ movements.

Kids that can to express themselves through the art of dancing are comfortable enough to shine on the dance floor. Those kids are usually more successful, have above-average levels of self-confidence and are relaxed and easy around people. Dancing truly helps unleash our human potential. 

There are many benefits of dancing, but most crucial are the traits that extend beyond physical fitness. Rehearsals require young people to follow directions and get along with others, which can stimulate their social intelligence on the long run Not to mention they will probably grow valuable friendships throughout the years of taking dance lessons.

Below are 7 reasons that prove why dancing might be the best sport to enroll our youngsters. By any means, it is a sport for absolutely anyone: for the elderly, teenagers and even parents.

1.    Radiating Positive Energy

When we dance, our body releases endorphins – the hormones that make us feel good. Our body works the same with other physical activity, however, not all sports are as fun as dancing.

It is a proven fact, even the youngest generations are prone to feel stressed. Therefore it is essential that they engage in a physical activity that would decrease their blues. Providing them with an exercise that doesn’t feel like extra work or just another obligation, will increase their overall sense of well-being. There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them!

2.    Increased Ability to Focus

Many behavioral issues are being cured with dance therapy. It is proven to be a successful method for guiding children and adolescents who suffer from a variety of behavioral issues. Dancing helps children with overall focus and helps increase their attention span, too.

Most of the kids just seek an opportunity to release all the pent-up energy. Once they find it, they are able to regain mental control and focus much better. They positively direct their accumulated energy into a fun-sharing activity, such as dancing. It also teaches kids that diligent work pays off as they observe their effort and progress in the mirror with every dance class. 

3.    Amazing Physical Benefits

We must not forget about all the physical benefits that dancing brings us. It improves cardiovascular health since the heart rate gets challenged by executing different moves, thus reduce the risk of heart attacks. It also improves one’s balance and strength, increases flexibility, reduces stress and helps with joint pain if any.

Children who spend their early years dancing, tend to engage in all kinds of physical activities and excel in all forms of exercise. Dancers find it easier to keep up with higher levels of flexibility, balance and fitness level. 

It is very wise to challenge our body’s muscles especially ones we don’t usually use in our daily movements, such as walking, taking the stairs or simply putting on clothes. 

4.    Dance stimulates brain

There are many dance styles that are technically very challenging and consequently stimulate our brain. We need strong brainpower to focus on both the constant changing of movement and recalling moves and patterns. Scientists have found the areas that control memory and skills in the brain, such as planning and organizing, improve with exercise like dance. 

5.    Increased Energy Level

Nowadays parents have to be really careful in order to balance their children’s hobbies and activities to decrease engagement with passive entertainment. Playing video games or watching cartoons doesn’t give our children the energy they need to grow and evolve. We can compare our child’s behavior and energy level on different occasions. They tend to be uninvolved with the real world if they are to be exposed to passive entertainment for too long.

Yet a good amount of daily movement increases energy levels and children’s behaviors improve to become livelier and more effective.

Whenever they feel a lack of motivation, an organized dance class can help enormously. A weekly dance class can actually improve one’s well-being and contributes to a healthy mind too. For this reason, dancing is also very recommendable for teenagers, who are coming in an era of stress and obligations. With intensified homework and other personal challenges, they might be facing, dancing will help them realize their body and mind.

6.    Increased social intelligence

Many dancers report how incredible is dancing with other people. It is very recommendable for boosting social and emotional health, especially with children. In a cooperative activity such as dancing, our youngsters will find it easier to develop relationships that might turn into lifetime friendships and dance partners on the stage. 

7.    Dancing is a meditation

Dancing is one of those practices that help us return to our breath and be fully aware of the present moment. With dancing classes, we need to be observant of the movement in order to advance. Eventually, it becomes very natural for our breathing to coincide with each graceful movement. The practice itself helps us clear our minds and find our balance in busy daily routines. 

Noticeably, dancing embodies all areas of health, including physical, mental and emotional. It is a great way to build self-esteem, meet like-minded people and therefore form lifetime friendships. It has a positive effect on our well-being and provides children with healthy emotional development. Dancing might even help them evolve other skills, such as high levels of concentration and social intelligence. can With the abundance of technology usage, it is very important to engage in physical activity, especially in adolescence years. Let it be fun, let it be dancing!

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